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Adventure Airwaves

Sep 17, 2019

A crew of Californians and Carolinians converge on Oregon’s Rogue River during the peak of summer. “Summer Road Trip Part 1: Going Rogue” is the first part of the adventure. This episode is a quick snapshot of the first 2,000 miles of driving in a mechanically challenged van full of kayaks and surfing gear.  The crux comes early in Topeka, Kansas. During the episode introduction, Russell and I discuss bike riding with friends on the Upper Davidson River and the controversy surrounding the skipping of rocks in a place that is home to hellbender salamanders. He quickly loses interest after I tell him that we can’t touch the microphone. We agree to call a Pisgah National Forest Ranger to ask about the rock skipping. 


Producer Notes: I hope to release episodes on a regular basis. At least twice a month. Weekly?  So, I am trying a new format that will make it easier for me to publish Adventure Airwaves. The first two episodes - as short as they are - took a long time to make. Russell is a good co-host but he doesn’t help with production, writing, editing, graphics, or all the Internet stuff. To speed up the process, I created Episode 3 from previous recordings while on a two hour flight (a self imposed time limit).  On Episode 4, the story was kept short and perhaps pointless. I did my best to ad-lib an introduction (with Russell’s help) and used the first take. I hope you enjoy this summertime snap-shot.


Music Attribution

Benevolence - Seeking Madras available at 

Banjo PFlanagan

Honolulu - Wes Davis - Western Plains

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This episode of Adventure Airwaves was written and produced by Wes Davis, September 2019