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Adventure Airwaves

Nov 26, 2019

Episode 6:  A few years back, I took an unplanned solo bike tour through Washington, Oregon and most of California. The trip crossed  rivers - like the Columbia, the Rogue and the Klamath, visited breweries - seventeen of them to be exact - and ended abruptly in the worst campsite on earth. This episode provides a glimpse into the quirky calamity of solo cycling and the understated joy of moments in between. 

Music by Seeking Madras, Blue Dot Sessions, Scott Gratton, AA Aalto, Podington Bear, me, and a live recording of a Jessica Lea Mayfield show that I caught in San Francisco. The train sounds, rain sounds and plane sounds were either recorded during the trip or borrowed from FreeSound.Org

Coffee by Mountain Air Roasting

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