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Adventure Airwaves

Oct 3, 2020

“5 Stages of Whitewater Kayaking” is a story about moving from the coast to the mountains, trading flip flops for Chacos, letting go of what was, and accepting what is. Adventure Airwaves Episode 9 was written and recorded in Transylvania County North Carolina in September of 2020. This episode and my acceptance of adult-onset whitewater enjoyment would not have been possible without my friends in the Brevard radius who have shared their knowledge and time with me.  Especially Jason. 

Music on this Episode:

  • Benevolence - Seeking Madras
  • Rain Cloud Ghost - Instrumental by Me, Wes Davis
  • In the Box & Copely Beat by Blue Dot Sessions 
  • Drone by Silicon Transmitter
  • Gravy by Poddington Bear -

Music tracks (except for Benevolence and Rain Cloud Ghost) were sourced from the Free Music Archive under a Creative Commons License. If you enjoyed this episode please leave a positive review, tell a friend, or yell it out the window!  Thank you for listening. Cheers!